Baroque Jewels Tour

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Bavaria is intimately linked to the Catholic Church, religion and tradition go hand in hand. Churches and monasteries still shape and shape the landscape, customs and life in the country. If you want to experience Bavaria authentically and understand the country and its people, you have to take a look at the Bavarian monasteries. The Andechs Monastery near Lake Ammersee is an iconic monument in-and-of itself. It has breathtaking views from the church tower,  and nearby it comes with one of the most beautiful beer gardens. The area around the Ettal Monastery comes with a cheese factory, liqueur factory, beer brewery, and Benediktbeuern with the longest and most impressive history. There is plenty to see.

Highlights of the Tour

  • Visit to Andechs Monastery
  • Visit Ettal monastery
  • Drive to the Upper Bavarian Lakes

Highlights of the Tour

  • VW Beetle 1303 convertible daily rental
  • Printed tour book with routes and recommendations
  • Digital routes for Google maps navigation

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