Even in Autoland Germany, which features automotive icons such as the Porsche 911, the Mercedes-Benz gullwing, the Audi Quattro and many more, there is a car that everyone else envies for its historical importance - the VW Beetle. The VW Beetle is a car of records because so many of them have been built and sold in almost unchanged versions for decades. The beetle was exported, driven, loved and valued by almost every country in the world. The VW Beetle is the symbol of the German economic miracle and pioneer of "Made in Germany" all over the world. Just like the Fiat 500 Italy, the VW Beetle made Germany mobile.
The VW Beetle is the reduction to the essential, there is no software or touchscreens, driver assistance systems or parking aids that relieve the driver of the work. Suddenly, curves feel like curves, the filigree shift lever requires sensitive up and down shifts, the thin steering wheel awaits direct commands. Driving like before, because classic cars guarantee an authentic, genuine, driving experience and trigger emotions and positive associations in every driver, but also passers-by on the roadside.


Experience the most spectacular sights of Bavaria with Nostalgic. Enjoy
authentic driving experience on the dream roads of the Alps at the wheel of the cult classic.
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